Post headers best ways to use

Best Way to Use Images & Quotes

Post the quotes at a specific hour each day

One of the best tips for getting constant results and interaction on your Instagram posts is to post each content type at a predefined hour. For example, if your social media plan includes image quotes, tips & images regarding your company, I recommend to have a specific hour for each. For example 9am for the quotes, 1pm for your tips and 7pm for your other image. Do not make posts to close to each other, to allow each post to get the maximum organic reach

Use 10-15 Hashtags

If you do not use hashtags only your current followers will see your posts. If you use hashtags you will allow your posts to reach new audiences and as a result, get more followers – if you select the right hashtags. Always try and  research for your hashtags, Some suggestion for our Quotes & Images Sections. (Click on link –  Right click your mouse – ‘save as’ to download direct to your computer)

# Tag download

Post the text of the quote in the caption of the post, followed by the hashtags

Include the text of the quote in the caption section of the posts, this will help you get indexed better, it also allows a smooth transition to the hashtags. A simple way to  add hashtags: add 3 blank rows after the quote itself in the caption. To do that add the following characters in the blank rows: “,” after these blank rows, you can put your hashtags (or copy and paste from the list from above) 

Use emoticons to personalize the caption

When using Quotes & Images on your Social Media, show Emoticons they make you more human and the perception of the fans is that you want to connect to them, by expressing some feelings using emoticons. You can include relevant emoticons. (Click on link –  Right click your mouse – ‘save as’ to download direct to your computer)

 Try some of these

Ask fans to like and comment – you can also ask questions

Invite your fans to engage with your posts. Either ask a question related to the quote or ask fans to share their opinion. Then, reply to their comments, engage with them, show them that you are human and you care, that you are there not only for their comments/likes etc., and you value their point of view. 

Ask fans to tag a friend who would like the quote

Tagging friends is a great way to convert your fans into referrals. They recommend your content to their friends, which will become your fans if they resonate with your content. Ask your fans to tag a friend that will enjoy the quote – this is the easiest way to do it. Get creative with this and you’ll win big time.

Interact with Your Followers

This one is so obvious but very few people actually act on it. If you value your fans and if you want to make them loyal to you, you need to reply to their messages, comments, mentions. Always show gratitude, even for a short comment. Just 5 seconds spent can get a loyal fan. More than that, other people will see that you care and will follow you.

Reuse good content to save time and money and never reuse content that has low engagement

Try and reuse good content after a certain period of time, like 6 or 12 months. You have to be smart to do this because it costs a lot of money to produce content and to schedule it, and more important, less than 5% of your audience will actually see what you post. Rotating the content makes sense and businesses can save a lot of money like this.

Pin Your Instagram Post to Pinterest

Pin your content not just on Facebook but  Instagram and Pinterest as well. Use the power of Pinterest to drive new fans to your Instagram profile. Integrate between as many Social Media platform for ultimate exposure.

Quick recap:
  • Pick content that resonates with your fans interest
  • Try and made an emotional connection
  • Leave a white space
  • Brand your images