Types of Licenses

Types of License & Meanings

Below is just a short overview of Licenses Available for e books, Video courses and all other products available on our Membership Site. Each item comes with its own License Agreement with variations to list below.

You need to read each License included in the package and follow the guidelines, each product could have a different requirement which need to be adhered to.

Resellers Rights License image


As a Resellers Rights Holder you can:

  • Sell Personal Use Rights (PU)
  •  Must be sold As Is no less that $7
  • Sell on the Resell Rights
  • Can Offer as a bonus to a Paid product
  • You can put you name on the Sales page
  • Can edit the sales letter

Personal Use Rights (PU

As a Personal Use Holder

  • You can not re distribute the product 
  • It’s for Personal Use only and can not be sold.
  • If you buy a Resellers Rights you can re sell as PU to your customers for them to use for Personal Use Only.
  • Read, learn and enjoy it!

private label rights (plr)

As a Private Label Rights Holder

  •  Best License around, 
  • Edit it, make it your own, Resell it, 
  • Comes with very little restriction. 

master resell rights (mrr)

As a Master Reseller you can:

  • Have permission to resell PLR to your customer
  • Sometimes even sell on the Master Resell Rights to next person. Always check.

commercial use (cu)

As Commercial Use License Holder:

  • You can sell and distribute it
  • Most Common Licence when it comes to images and digital products
  • Comes with certain conditions

give away rights (gar)

As Give Away Rights you can:

  • Have the rights to share
  • Give away to your subscribers on mailing list
  • Basically you may give away freely, distribute across the internet