why customer is not always right

Customers Are Not Always Right

Three Important Reasons Why the Customer is not Always Right


Many (if not all) business, have experienced the hustle of working with difficult clientele. It is therefore important to know when to draw the line especially when a customer’s expectations are unreasonable and ludicrous. As a business owner, it is wrong to only be concerned with trying to please your customers regardless of the context, especially when they are being absurd. 

The best thing to do is to focus on coming up with the best solutions that do not involve you trying to bend over backwards (unless you’re athletic and bending over backwards comes naturally to you).

To put to an end this misleading age-old belief that the customer is always right, here is a list of the three most important reasons why sometimes they are not.

  1. Focusing on people pleasing is bad for business

Okay. Let’s be clear. Going the extra mile so as to satisfy a customer’s needs is polite. It is actually customer service 101. However, doing it all the time is bad for business. Here’s why. The success of a business is not measured by how much love the business owner is receiving from the customers. 

It is measured by how much sales the owner is making. And yes, when customers love you they will want to keep coming back (cue eye roll). It is important to identify when the love is toxic and is not beneficial to the needs and goals of your business. Remember, you do not want every customer.

  1. Money is not everything

Entrepreneurship is for the strong-hearted- the people who are not only in business because if the money. To be a successful entrepreneur, acknowledge that although the money is important, it is not everything. Just because the customer is the one bringing the money does not mean that they should be worshipped or that they are always right. Always remember your worth and virtues. You really do not need to do anything and everything just because you are money hungry. Learn to say no. Not all customers are indispensable.

  1. Most customers strive to get the best deal possible

No offence, but this means that most of them are not keen on your business’s best interest. Because it is their money they are spending, they tend to focus more on how they will best save it by focusing on getting the best deals possible. This is why most people bargain. It is simply human nature. Most people do not like the idea of paying the full price for an item. 

As a business owner, try to be understanding by not holding it against them. Most times, they do it subconsciously so try not to outwardly express your frustration. Keep in mind that you do not have to meet all expectations by trying to exceed unrealistic demands. In a calm way be adamant in certain things like price.

An important part of any successful business is excellent customer service which aims to cater to the needs of customers in order to make them happy. Do not allow them to dictate rules by assuming that they are always right. Sometimes they are wrong, and that’s okay. Do not waste limited time and resources trying to give them the liberty to feel like they are always right. In an amicable way, establish dominance as a business owner and strive to call customers out when they are wrong.


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