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Affiliate Marketing No Website or Your Own

Affiliate Marketing – No Website or Your Own

When you first set out to search for online business, you tend to  receive so many messages telling you that not having a website is not a problem as the affiliate site itself will give you a duplicate page of your own that you can promote.

If you only want to market one business than this is great news But if you look at all the people who are marketing successfully on the internet,  there isn’t a single person who is actually marketing only one single product or service.

You would find them in partnership with ventures, selling more than 3 eBooks, being affiliates of numerous opportunities…etc.

Okay, now let’s have a look if you have opted to work with only one single online business affiliate program that offers you a web page that you can promote. How will you promote it?

Let look at the things you will not be able to do:

1-Exchange Links: Since you do not own the affiliate site, you cannot make any changes on it; therefore, you will not be able to add links to your site. If you cannot put links on the affiliate site, then you cannot exchange links.

2-Forums: The majority of the ‘good forums’ recently announced that you can only add to your signature either a product or a website that you yourself own and do not allow duplicate that you do not own.

3-Adding your link to directories: It’s safe to say that at least 90% of directories do not accept links with an extension. That is, your duplicate site would be something like that .

The directories would only accept Although you could overcome this issue by adding your affiliate username at the beginning rather than as an extension. It would look like this . In this case your chances to be accepted are better, still not good enough, directories do not usually accept duplicate sites when they review for approval.

Main advantage of Owning your own website:

1 -Writing Articles: Include a link somewhere in your article/post that will be linked to an affiliate page.

2-Traffic Exchange sites: These also accept affiliates

3-Paid advertising online or offline.

While owning your own website you will be able to build a full marketing effort without having to pay for any kind of advertising. And, remember this is with only having one stream of income, if you work with other affiliate program your advertising cost will reap the benefit.

Other advantages of having your own website:

1-The flexibility of having all your online business opportunities in one place.

2-The flexibility of editing your content for search engine optimization and improving visitors’ experience.

3-The flexibility of utilizing your own link exchange action.

4-The Flexibility of adding to your content management so you can always include new content on your website.

5-Promoting more than just one affiliate business.

6-Adding a newsletter subscription which will build you a list that can send out emails promoting new affiliate products (no home business/online marketer can do without)

So, is it hard to create your own website, designing it and setting it all up? Not necessarily, there are opportunities out there which have the option of building your own website as part of the package. The only thing you must make is your own domain name and hosting.

Everything is possible