Traffic tactics that won't cost you a cent

Traffic Tactics That Won’t Cost You a Cent

Traffic Tactics that won’t Cost You a Cent

If you are frustrated by not receiving enough internet traffic to your website and have information overload trying to learn as much as you can from listening to all those Guru’s that try and sell you instant fame, you need to slow down and try these tactics to help you get traffic without spending a cent!

Link it


This tactic is the best to get results, search engines love sites that have back links.  This is a very effective traffic method.  Find another site that is similar to yours, contact them and ask if you can be a guest blogger, write an article with your link back to your site. 

Let them know that they can do the same so it’s a mutual ‘win-win’ Most people would be only too happy to help out. Try not to do too many perhaps 5-10 to start with.

Meet Meta Tags


The next tactic is Meta Tags.  Make sure all your images, posts, pages have Meta tags. If you get a plug in such as Yoast SEO (just get the free version) they will let you know what is missing each time your create a post/page etc. The Meta tags help search engines know what your website is about. You don’t need to be a HTML programmer, Yoast SEO or Smart Crawl Pro both have SEO checkers which help you with Meta Tags.

Keyword-rich AND sensible content


Writing your own articles or rewriting an article by using a spin-rewriter will improve your chance of getting seen by search engines.  As long as they pass the plagiarism and make use of keywords that are part of your article header.  It’s always a good idea to have your header title in the first sentence of your article.

Creating genuinely informative and readable articles will not only help with your site rating but will make sure your will get repeat visitors to your site and they will become repeat clients

Submitting Articles 


Try Submitting these articles to various article directory listings, this will provide more visibility for your business as long as you keep the article interesting, original and make sure you have a link back to your website.

The above methods may take a little longer but done properly in time will make sure you achive the most highest conversion rate.


Just put type  listmysite    (without any .net at the end) on google and see what you get.  I also used some free plugins to help with SEO, Yoast SEO and Smush – Reduces image file sizes, improves performance and boost SEO the free version is slow (I did upgrade) so I can use bulk resizing of all my images.

Hope this was helpful

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