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Five Reasons Why Images and Video’s Are Important in Blogs

Five Reasons Why Images and Video's Important in Blogging & Social Media

There are tons of new content posted on the internet daily. Incorporating images and videos in text plays an important role in attracting people to your content. This article compiles a list of five reasons why it is crucial to take time to master and make use basic designing skills, in order to draw necessary attention to your content.


  1. Better Search Engine Performance

Usually, long posts that have presentations, images and/or videos are the ones that have higher SEO rankings. This is because most times the graphics contain descriptions, tags and titles which increase the chances of a blog to be seen by increasing the key words in the post. However, it is important to remember to resize and compress the graphics in order to make them ideal for search engines and also to ensure faster loading. Otherwise, adding images and videos to your post will surely make your post noticeable.

  1. Images and videos help to lure visitors to your post

Adding images and videos to a post makes it less dull and more visually attractive. Visitors are more likely to click on a post that has an image and even take further actions for example liking and sharing because images helps them relate emotionally to a post as most times they are relatable. The use of catchy titles is no longer enough to attract readers to a post. Hence, it is paramount to select the best images for your content, in order to increase the popularity of the post.

  1. They help structure your content

A post without any form of graphics is monotonous and boring. Images and videos are crucial because sometimes they help summarize the content. Other times they help stir interest in the reader making them want to learn more ergo read more. Graphics are terrific in visually entertaining the readers while still passing on the intended message.

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  1. They help in creating memories

It is more likely that readers will remember a post that contained an image and/or video than one that did not. This is because graphics help to put content into context as they are much more relatable than pure text. By creating an emotional connection with the reader, they tend to be easily remembered than pure words.

  1. Images and videos help in explaining complex information

This mostly applies to visual learners. For educational purposes, using images to explain technical data is sometimes a better option of conveying information in order to help readers understand better.  Words are not always enough, having images and/or videos goes a long way into summarizing concepts and making them easier to be grasped.


Posts that are purely in text form ae not that appealing to look at. Because of this, one might ignore important information no matter how well written the content is. It is therefore important as a blogger to learn the art of incorporating relevant and entertaining images and videos in your content. This will give you the upper hand in visitors’ engagement in your posts.

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