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Video Ad's - Special Day Video - FB Page Video
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short Holiday Video ads

Mother"s Day

Post a Mother’s day ad on your Facebook Page, Pinterest, Instagram or your website. We make a new ad each year and we add your logo, message and website address

Same as above. Last year it was the picture on the right, video is on the page the link below

Any holiday - special days of the year

Christmas ads, Australia Day, 4th of July, Halloween, St Patrick’s Day or any other Holiday

Unique Video up to 120 sec

For you Products or Services

Showcase your products or Service with a images, background music and Voice Over of Script (If required)

Up to 120 second in length

Post it on your Website, YouTube or any Social Media account for maximum exposure.

Unlimited Revisions

Only when you are 100% happy with our work will we  complete you order.

Pre Recorded Actors Ads

Any Business or Service

Over 100 pre recorded actors with a message to cover most businesses.

With Actors in front of Green Screen

We will put the images and video to make your video unique to your business or service. Or just a voice over of a pre recorded message

Unique Voice over with your message

For an additional cost of up to 100 words with your message with either a woman or man’s voice over promoting your business or service.

Bus Stop Ad

Scene One

Walking along entrance of a building with a large video ad show casing your product/service

Scene 2

Girl working at her desk and camera goes to show your business card (if you don’t have one we will produce it for you).

Scene 3

Outdoor bus stop rolling poster again showing your product or service

Pop Out Ads

Gets Attention

Short ads that pop out of the screen like 3D.  Over 40 to choose from. 

For Instagram, Facebook or your website

Choose a short message and we will create it. You can pick the amount of ‘like’ to show. Create some # tags and this 10 second ad will grab everyone’s attention.

only 24 hours turnaround

With unlimited revisions. Animals, Monsters, Father Christmas Dancing, Money Dropping from the sky, Curtain revealing you product and so much more.

Stunning 30 sec Video Ad

Stunning 30 seconds video ad

Let your viewers know instantly what you have to offer or promote any new products at your store.

 All you need is a short 30 second video ad will say everything about your product or service. 

We will create your ad within 48 hours ready to post on your site or Social Media outlets. 

Video comes in 2000 x 2000 pixels suitable for Facebook, Instagram or Etsy.  

If you require a custom size just let us know