They say that timing is everything.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to answer, there is no perfect answer. It’s not just the times but also how often than counts.

Use hashtags, if you don’t only your followers will see your post. if you use hashtags your posts will reach new audiences.

Sometimes it’s hard to find good content, you can reuse good content t save time but, never reuse content that had low engagement.

Below are some general rules, keep in mind each business and industry find different days and times that work best.



I don’t think you can get it too wrong, Facebook has billions of monthly users.  You really need to post at least twice a week any day between 9am and 3pm with 1pm Thursday being the most active time. Wednesday to Sunday being the most active days.

1- Keep your posts short and to the point

2- Videos dominate engagement on Facebook

3- Keep monitoring your likes, comments and engagement of past post and adjust your times and to suit.




Monday through to Thursday are the strongest days to post especially for businesses. With noon on Thursday being the most active. But safe to post any week day

You need to be ready to engage  with users (make sure you limit your promotion content)

When posting make sure your content is clickable and engaging. Tweets don’t last long in fact less than 3 hours to reach its potential engagement.



Monday through to Friday are the strongest days to post. With Monday being the strongest. 

Times are strange Recommended times are 2am, 8am,and 5pm

Something that is so important is hastags and emojis. Try and keep 80% content while 20% self-promoting. 



You should post at least once a day, it’s all about clickable content. A place to share industry and company events.

Again, Tuesday through Thursday are the most recommended days to post with noon and 5pm being the best times



Saturday has the highest audience so recommended as the best day.

Friday through Sunday and also very strong. Late nights until 3am 

Another time is between 2pm and 9pm on Saturday.

The lease optimal time to post is Sunday through Friday 4am to 7pm

Interesting fact is that 85% are female and 25% of them are active on a daily basis