Inside Tips to market your Business

Inside Tips to market your Business

  1.       Create  a business profile on Facebook.


  1.       Create a shop tab that can accept payment with paypal


  1.       Create an account on  and be active every day, related to your products that you sell


  1.       Add your account on Google+ : and post something every day. Be active!!


  1.       Add a bookmark:


  1.       Create a blog on (google blooger) and be active there every day.


  1.       Create twitter account and link it with your FB profile


  1.       Create your own channel on YouTube and put up some videos with keywords related to your products.


 Use Social Media: It has made the world a much smaller place – something that seriously works to your advantage in the realm of promotion.

Take a look at Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for a start and brainstorm how you could use these tools to your advantage. 

Twitter will allow you to join in on conversations related to your products topic and give you a chance to chat one-on-one with your fans.

Facebook has a few more options that make it easy to give a ton of information about your products/services, upcoming works, and provides a place that fans can leave testimonials and reviews of your product/service.

Few more inside tips:

          Run a low budget ad on Facebook, you can setup to even use $3 a day.

          Promote your posting directly from Facebook page and set the minimum limit to $50 and you can even         cancel after $5 being used and it will bring tons of new traffic to your page.

          Follow as many business pages on Facebook you possibly can that are related to your line.

          Be active on FB every day, comment on competitive pages to drive traffic to your page.

          Create a business profile and link it with another profile (personal that is matching to your business)

          Use SEO keywords in your site for each item

          The word is Market Market Market to make more sales!

          Sell on multiple platforms:

o    eBay

o    Facebook

o    Amazon

o    ioffer

o    overstock